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Get Your Nashville Lawn Care Quote

Get Your Nashville Lawn Care Quote

Looking to transform your lawn? Simply complete the form to get a quote for your Nashville property. Discover the finest in eco-friendly and all-inclusive lawn care with Pure Green! Contact Us

Why Choose Pure Green for Your Nashville Lawn? 

Pure Green is a locally-owned lawn care company specializing in residential lawns. We understand the unique needs of Nashville lawns and offer tailored solutions to ensure they thrive.

Comprehensive Lawn Care Packages 

Our lawn care package includes: 

  • 8 Organic-Hybrid Lawn Treatments 
  • Weed & Crabgrass Control 
  • Grub Treatment 
  • BioNutrient Treatment 
  • MicroNutrient Treatment 
  • Surface Insect Treatment 
  • Unlimited Weed Touch-Ups 

These comprehensive services ensure your lawn remains lush and healthy throughout the year. 

Natural Lawn Care Strategies

We use eco-friendly lawn care products that use natural micro-organisms that turn a small amount of fertilizer into an effective and organic-hybrid grass treatment. Our EPA-certified, and state-approved fertilizers are plant-based and significantly reduce the overall chemical footprint.


“Our lawn has never looked better thanks to Nathan’s Secret Formula. No weeds, just beautiful green grass. I am thankful we found a local company who offers a great product and employs a professional crew.” – M. Whetstone

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