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Pure Green is a locally owned lawn care company specializing in residential lawns. We know what Nashville lawns need.

Our lawn care package includes:

  • 8 Organic-Hybrid Lawn Treatments
  • Weed & Crabgrass Control
  • Grub Treatment
  • BioNutrient Treatment
  • MicroNutrient Treatment
  • Surface Insect Treatment
  • Unlimited Weed Touch Ups

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Natural Lawn Care Methods

We use the most natural lawn care products available. Our products of choice use natural micro-organisms that turn a small amount of fertilizer into the most effective and natural grass treatment available. Our fertilizer is plant-based, 100% organic, and allows us to reduce the overall chemical footprint dramatically.


“Thanks to Nathan Brandon the grass is looking well fed. Five people stopped by while I was cutting to ask how it got so green – so I proudly told them!” – A. Holliday, East Nashville Lawn Care Customer