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Lawn Care

Ready for Great Green Grass?

Our organic hybrid approach to lawn care provides year-round care for your grass with products that are safe for you and your loved ones. We know what Tennessee lawns need, and we provide the right treatment at the right time to give you Great Green Grass!

Pure Green’s Lawn Care Package Includes:

  • 8 Organic Fertilizer Treatments
  • Weed & Crabgrass Control
  • BioNutrient Treatment
  • MicroNutrient Treatment
  • Surface Insect Treatment
  • Unlimited Weed Touch Ups

We stand behind our work with our G3 Guarantee!

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Our Treatment Rounds

Round 1

Apply bio-nutrients, crabgrass prevention, fertilizer and targeted weed control.


We apply fertilizer and bio-nutrients to give your lawn a nice green color, along with a crabgrass prevention and targeted broadleaf weed control.

Round 2

Apply bio-nutrients, crabgrass prevention, fertilizer and targeted weed control.


We promote that deep green color that everyone loves, at the same time reducing the amount of nitrogen and pesticides used by traditional methods this time of the year.

Round 3

Apply pre-emergent weed control, bio-nutrients, and fertilizer.


We help the turf endure the stresses of summer by improving grass cell structure and increasing root vitality. The pre-emergent treatment will help keep new weeds from sprouting, and we also take care of any weeds that have popped up.

Round 4

Apply bio-nutrients, micro-nutrients, and targeted weed control.


We apply bio-nutrients for soil and plant health and micro-nutrients for lawn color. We also treat any weeds that we see.

Round 5

Apply a bio-nutrient application, grub control application, and targeted weed control.


We equip your lawn to deal with summer heat, and we also care of any weeds we see.

Round 6

Apply weed control specifically targeting pesky summer weeds, nutsedge and grassy weeds.


We deliver key nutrients to help your turf recover from summer stresses. We also focus on the pesky grassy weeds that come up this time of year.

Round 7

Apply bio-nutrient package and our proprietary organic-based fertilizer. Also, time for aeration and over-seeding. Targeted weed control when requested.


We recommend aeration combined with overseeding to relieve soil compaction. If you choose not to aerate and overseed, you receive our bio-nutrient fertilizer package and targeted weed control.

Round 8

Apply a customized application that includes a bio-nutrients, fertilizer, and targeted weed control.


We develop and strengthen your grass and root system in preparation for winter with our bio-nutrient package and fertilizer. Depending on turf maturity, you receive weed control to take care of any winter annuals.

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