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Natural Lawn Care

Looking for a green, eco-friendly approach to lawn care?

Pure Green makes every effort to be as green a company as possible. Here are 3 ways we provide a more natural lawn care approach to Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, and other Middle Tennessee locations.

Minimizing Chemicals

A lot of lawn care companies will use an entirely synthetic product on your lawn. At Pure Green, we start with an organic base for our treatments, and only include the minimum synthetic components needed to achieve excellent results for your lawn.

By delivering lawn treatments with PureApp, our unique patented application system, we are delivering the products only where they are needed, reducing the overall amount of chemicals used.

Waste-Reducing Efforts

Our commitment to being eco friendly extends beyond the products we use. All invoices are emailed instead of printed, and all visits are paperless. We also GPS-route all of our trucks, minimizing fuel consumption.

Organic Hybrid Fertilizer

Pure Green uses the most eco-friendly lawn care products we can. Our products of choice use natural micro-organisms that turn a small amount of fertilizer into the most effective and natural grass treatment available. Our fertilizer is also an organic hybrid and allows us to reduce the overall chemical footprint dramatically.

With our products you get:

  • Fewer weeds naturally
  • Fewer insects and less disease naturally
  • Natural pH adjustment
  • Improved root development
  • Better drought resistance

All together, our natural lawn services result in a safer, better, and greener lawn.


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