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Your Lawn, A Living Organism

Living, breathing, eating, drinking, and reproducing, your lawn is a living ecosystem all of its own. In order to have the luscious green lawn of your dreams, you must think of your lawn as such.
Think about this. In natural undeveloped environments, the circle of life is complete. Leaves and debris fall from trees and decompose season after season, creating an abundance of natural microbiological organisms and nutrients in the soil. Most lawns and yards don’t provide the same sustenance and, therefore, require fertilizers and stimulants to enhance growth.
But have you ever read the ingredients of a lawn fertilizer? Full of nitrates, phosphates, and other chemicals, they “grow” your grass, but are they growing and nurturing the roots as well as protecting the environment? Well, Holganix does.
It is the product of choice at Pure Green. Holganix is a plant-based bio-nutritional supplement, which helps recreate the natural soil environments found in the forest. By using natural ingredients including plant-based compost tea, hummates, mychorrhizae and brewer’s yeast, Holganix helps build up the microbiological life in and all around your grass, supporting healthy root development and allowing greater nutrient uptake from the soil. The results are long-lasting, steady growth verses short-lived “growth spurts.”
At Pure Green, we understand the essential principles of nurturing your lawn so it grows deep roots that will withstand the Tennessee winters and come back green and full each spring!
Go green! Choose Pure Green for your natural lawn maintenance!