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Why Treat Playgrounds & Common Areas?

It’s an easy choice to treat your own lawn. After all, you get the benefit and satisfaction from looking at a gorgeous healthy green lawn every day. But what about your neighborhood common areas? Are your kids throwing a football in a weed-filled green area, then trecking the seeds back into your lawn? Is Rover’s fur harboring fleas and ticks from running around the playground?

It’s easy to look away and ignore an unsightly common area, but when your kids and pets are bringing it back into your healthy lawn and into your home, well, that’s when it’s time to take action. Those areas need to be kept up not only for the health of kids and pets but also for resale value, and here’s why. 

Property Value:

When looking at property, the amenities are playing a much larger role than in years past. Young families are sacrificing a bit on yard size as long as the neighborhood has a playground and/or a picnic area. They want walking paths or a nice pond in the neighborhood. All of this is beautiful as long as they are kept neat. Buyers will take notice if they are not and it could potentially effect the selling price of homes in the neighborhood. Keep your neighborhood property value at it’s max by maintaining those green common areas!

Safety of Pets and Children:

For the sake of your children and pets, keep those comon areas free of ticks, fleas and harmful weeds. Moms spend countless hours over the summer combing through kids hair and dog fur looking for dreaded ticks and fleas! Wouldn’t it be nice knowing your kids and pets were playing in a playground or green area that has been treated for these blood sucking parasites? 

Bonus: The treatment used for fleas and ticks will also work on mosquitos, too! Woohoo! They are incredibly annoying, especially to moms with kids who LOVE to play outside!

It’s also important to treat those common areas seasonally for weed control. A summer grassy weed that can cause infection and even death in your pets is called foxtail. It can be identified by it’s trademark fluffy top that resembles a fox’s tail. The barbed seed heads of the foxtail can work their way into any part of your dog or cat, from the nose to between the toes and inside the ears, eyes and mouth. Because these seeds don’t breakdown inside the body, they can cause major infection and even death if untreated. Other weeds such as ragweeds, poison ivy and stinging nettles (just to name a few) can cause skin irritation and discomfort. 

Are the common areas in your neighborhood suffering? Pure Green can help! We can actively work with HOA’s to keep those playgrounds and common areas free of fleas, ticks, mosquitos and harmful weeds.