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Why Should I Use a Pre-Emergent Herbicide?

The #1 reason is weed control.

Weeds are frustrating! No matter the season, weeds will sneak into your lawn and wreak havoc if left unchecked. What’s the best way to prevent weeds? Use a pre-emergent herbicide. It’s important to use a pre-emergent at least twice per year – early spring and early fall. Today, we’ll talk about the appropriate time to apply the herbicide, the types of weeds it will and will not prevent, and other things you can do to promote a healthy lawn!

What is a pre-emergent?

Let’s define a pre-emergent herbicide. It is a herbicide intended to kill a weed seed before (pre) it starts to grow (emerge). It works by killing the weed seed in one of two ways – before it germinates or after it germinates but before it breaks through the soil.

The herbicide part is what differentiates Pure Green’s product from our competitors in Nashville and Franklin. Because we use Holganix products, we are able to greatly reduce the amount of chemicals we apply to your lawn. And the chemicals we do use are family friendly and safe for your pets!

Timing is everything

Let’s expand on our recommendation of applying in early spring. There are a couple of cues to be aware of:

1. Watch for the Forsythia bush to bloom. This blooms a few weeks before crabgrass germinates.
2. When soil temperatures reach 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit, crabgrass germinates.

As far as dates, we recommend early March. But it could be anytime in March really, depending on the temperates at the time. For fall pre-emergent, we only recommend applying if you have a warm-season grass or if you have a mix of warm-season and cool-season.

Which weeds will a pre-emergent kill?

Pre-emergents only work on certain types of weeds. The most popular weed that home owners want to get rid of here in Tennessee is crabgrass, which is a grassy weed. Pre-emergent generally work best on grassy weeds and only some broadleaf weeds. It’s important to keep a post-emergent handy for the weeds that do pop up.

Tip: Kill the weeds that pop up before they have a chance to set seed otherwise you’ll see even more weeds next year!

Healthy lawn maintenance

The other half of the equation is good lawn maintenance. Do not neglect your lawn after using a pre-emergent thinking it will kill all weeds! You must invest in your lawn year-round. A deep root system will produce hearty grass and a healthy lawn that will fight against weeds! Solid lawn practices include:

  • watering
  • aeration and seeding
  • mowing
  • fertilizing
  • weed control

When you combine all of these best practices along with a pre-emergent herbicide, you give your lawn the best chance at being weed free! And if this sounds overwhelming give us a call! We are here to answer your questions about all things grass!