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Why DIY Aeration Isn’t Worth it

“Forget football, playing with the kids, and the neighborhood block party, all I want to do this weekend is aerate and seed my lawn,” said no husband, ever.


Yard work is tough and time-consuming, and aerating is no different. Done properly, multiple steps are involved. And while the results are amazing, sometimes it’s worth handing over to an expert. Here’s why.

Hard work

Aeration can be done either manually or with a machine. Manual tools include a pitchfork or spiked shoes. However, machines are recommended, and here is why. An aeration machine perforates soil and deposits the plug on top of the soil. This relieves soil compaction and recycles the dirt plugs and nutrients back into the soil. Simply poking holes further compacts soil in the short term and takes a bit longer for the benefits of aeration to be recognized.

Time consuming

The time involved depends on the size and condition of your lawn as well as the method of aeration. Aerating a small otherwise healthy lawn will not take as much time as a small compacted lawn. If you choose to manually aerate a large lawn, count on a loooong hard day of work. For a lawn that is about an acre, count on about 4 hrs, maybe more if you include the travel time of renting a machine. How much is your family time worth?

You’re not an expert, but we are!

We know Tennessee lawns. Great green grass is our goal for all customers, and for that reason, we are always up to date on the latest trends, tools, and products. With the right equipment, knowledge and processes in place, aeration and seeding becomes a seamless endeavor that we not only take pride in but truly enjoy! We will consult with you, the homeowner, to determine the severity and talk through any questions you have such as “What seed should I plant,” or “What is my role here.”

Don’t let your lawn be an experiment this fall, trust Pure Green to do what they know and love!