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Why are Wild Violets Challenging?

Wild violets are probably one of the more challenging weeds we deal with in residential neighborhoods. We typically find them in the older parts of Nashville. We’re not sure why that is, but it’s what we’ve found through our years of experience.

Read a few reasons why they are so difficult to control:

1. Their waxy coating. Wild violets are considered a broadleaf weed and when blooming, they have a beautiful purple flower. After they bloom, the leaves develop a waxy coating that make it almost impossible to treat as the herbicide cannot penetrate the cuticle of the plant.

2. They reproduce by tubors. This means that instead of spreading seed and growing from there, they spread under the ground making it difficult to kill completely.

3. Wild violets are perennials. They grow in the warm seasons, then go dormant through winter only to return again the next year.

Each year they are not controlled, they spread more and more. And once you start treating them, it will take a few years to completely get rid of them. But stay on top of them and spray whenever you’re targeting broadleaf weeds.

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