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Treating Bugs: Going, Going, Gone!

Lawn pests are a constant fun-interrupter here in Middle Tennessee. Children are bitten outside and bugs get trapped in pet’s fur and they bring them in your home! Yuck!

It’s important to treat your lawn for these pests to keep a balanced ecosystem. Too many or too little can disrupt the normal ebb and flow of the nutrient balance. So, what do you look for in a treatment program?

Look for organic. Pure Green specializes in an organic treatment program for both trees and shrubs as well as fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Organic options will be kind to the environment in the short and long term.

What can you expect by going organic?

-Treatments interrupt the natural instincts of insects. Instead of immediately killing them, the treatments make them not want to feed on treated plants eventually starving them.
-Affected insects will fail to mature and reproduce limiting the insects’ ability to reproduce. Multiple treatments are needed to target those future generations to maintain control over the summer season.

Why is it important to do multiple treatments? 

1. Bugs have short life cycles. In order to treat multiple generations of bugs, the treatment must be applied multiple times.
2. We’re spraying the foliage. As plants grow and are pruned, we have to reapply the treatment to ensure the health of the plants we protect.
3. The treatment includes a scent barrier. The bugs we’re targeting don’t like it. Over time it fades, so additional applications are necessary.

Are you seeing pesky bugs that are ruining your summer cookouts? Give Pure Green a call. We can tell if you have normal bug levels or if your infestation needs to be treated.