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Top 3 Benefits of Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Lawn care professionals all over the world use chemical fertilizers, but many have shifted to organic fertilizers due to the apparent benefits. Our goal at Pure Green is to provide Great Green Grass to each of our customers using the most natural lawn care products on the market. But what are these benefits? Here are the top 3 benefits we gain from using organic fertilizer.

1. Fertility of Soil

Using organic fertilizer will improve the quality of your soil rather than degrading it over time like chemical fertilizers tend to do. They contain organic material that aids the soil to retain moisture and nutrients, thus improving the fertility and lifetime of your soil overall.

2. Safe Environment

Organic fertilizers are bio-degradable and do not cause pollution – a great benefit for your family and your pets. No more need to worry about your children or your pets when they are playing outside on the lawn anymore. Organic treatments are harmless.

3. Plant Growth

Overall organic fertilizers are gentler and kinder than chemical fertilizers. They must be broken down by soil bacteria to be absorbed by the plants, which causes a more evenly distribution of the fertilizer. This allows your grass to grow at a steady pace rather than all at once, which makes the organic fertilizer last longer and your lawn to be greener longer.

Our organic fertilizer of choice is Holganix, the most effective and natural grass treatment available. We are proud to use this plant-based solution for your Great Green Grass. Learn more about how we use Holganix.