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The Best Spring Lawn


With some beautiful days ahead in Middle TN, homeowners have taken to the outdoors. If you’re among these residents, you might be in a panic at the state of your lawn. What should you be doing? What can you go ahead and get done to have your best lawn for spring? Get your lawn ready with these steps.

Preparing Your Lawn for Spring

Clean Up

One of the easiest things to do to prepare your lawn for spring is to do some spring cleaning. Remove any debris that accumulated over the winter. If any trash has blown into your lawn in the recent wind, make sure to grab that, too. Starting with a fresh, clear, lawn can make all the difference.

Note Any Issues

Once cleared, inspect your lawn for any issues. If you notice areas of potential disease or other lawn damage, take note of it so that it can be remedied as quickly as possible.


You’ll want to apply a pre-emergent to beat the crabgrass and other common weeds in Nashville. Apply pre-emergent before the ground reaches 55-60 degrees. Once that happens, weeds will begin to germinate, and it will be more difficult to rid your lawn of them.
Tip: It’s best to wait about 7-8 weeks after pre-emergent to lay new grass seed, so getting it done early can help your lawn get a head start so that it’s ready for new seed when the temperatures warm.

Selecting a Lawn Care Company

After years of trying to take the time to enhance their lawn, many folks do one of two things: 1. Throw in the towel, and keep a lawn that it less than impressive or 2. Hire professionals to keep up with the dirty work for them. If you’ve decided to go with Option 2, we commend you.
Lawn care can be a full-time job (we would know!), and there’s something to be said for taking back your weekends. If you’ve decided to hire a lawn care company to take care of your turf, here are some questions you should consider asking any company.
1.    Do you do (xyz service)? – Make sure that a company does what you need from the get-go. Don’t wait three months in to figure out that this company only cuts yards and you’ll need to go elsewhere for someone to actually make your lawn green.
2.    Can I see the plan you have for my lawn? – Find a company who is upfront about their yearly work. Go over what treatments are included in your package and if there are any add-ons that they recommend, such as a pest treatment.
3.    Are you licensed and insured? – It is a HUGE risk to take if you fail to ask this question. If a technician injures themselves on your property and is not insured by the company, you could be facing a lawsuit. Don’t find this information out too late.

Tree Care

Before spring storms, it is advisable to check on any trees in your lawn. Maintaining tree health is essential to the safety of your family, home, and cars.
Inspect trees for:
•    Broken branches
•    Electrical wires that are in contact with the tree
•    Split branches
•    Hollow or decayed trees; mushrooms on the bark (these are signs of disease)
•    Heaving soil at the base of the tree

Any of these items could indicate structural weakness in your trees and pose a threat to your safety. Do not delay at taking care of these items, as spring storms in Middle Tennessee can bring high winds that are destructive to weak trees.

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