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Spring Lawn Care: Flea and Tick Prevention

Spring is finally here, Middle Tennessee! That means we’re entering the season for barbecues, backyard campouts, slip ‘n slides, and playing fetch with Fido as the summer approaches. With all those family memories you plan to make, the last thing you need to worry about is a flea and tick invasion of your lawn.

Unfortunately, warmer temperatures create an environment for fleas and ticks to thrive. If you’ve lived in the Nashville area for any spring or summer, it’s likely you’ve even encountered a few of these unwanted critters yourself in your own backyard. So, what can you do to keep your kids and pets safe this spring and beyond? Add flea and tick treatment as part of your routine lawn care services with Pure Green. 

What are These Pesky Fleas and Ticks?

As we explore flea and tick treatment, it’s important you understand these little backyard picnic ruiners. Fleas and ticks are both very small parasites, feeding on the blood of a host (like an animal or human) in order to live. Fleas are wingless insects, roughly 1/6th of an inch in size, and often reside on animals, as well as in tall, shady grass or wood piles. Ticks on the other hand vary in shape and size. They linger on tall grass blades so they can easily latch onto warm-blooded passersby to feed. Gross, right?

The Need for Flea and Tick Lawn Treatment

Though flea and tick bites can be harmless, they also have the potential to make you sick or even spread disease. Flea bites can leave itchy welts and may cause skin rashes, while ticks, which burrow their heads into the host to feed, can transfer bacteria that lead to serious diseases like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever or Lyme Disease. These bites can also cause infections when ticks aren’t removed properly.

Because fleas and ticks are prevalent in Tennessee lawns, it’s a good idea to control their population in your yard to keep your family and pets protected from the risks above. Preventative measures like mowing your lawn regularly and creating natural barriers around your yard (think stones, wood chips, or gravel) can help. However, the most effective solution by far is to utilize a natural, safe flea and tick lawn treatment every month—because when it comes to your family’s safety, you want to choose the best option available.

Get Treatment from Middle Tennessee’s Lawn Care Services Experts

While pesticides and repellents make the greatest impact on reducing ticks and fleas, experts like the CDC agree that such treatment should be applied by professionals. Thankfully, we’re Middle Tennessee’s trusted resource for professional flea and tick treatment. And even better, we offer one of the only 100 percent organic treatments in the area, so you can rest easy knowing our all-natural sprays won’t harm your family or the environment.

Our safe, eco-friendly flea and tick lawn treatment kills current flea and tick populations in your yard while preventing new ones from invading. This means you can plan all those spring and summer backyard family outings without worrying about unwanted fleas and ticks crashing the party. Say goodbye to bothersome bugs and hello to new family memories when you partner with over 40 years of expert lawn care services at Pure Green. Get an instant quote today to get started!