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Seed Germination During the “Never-Ending Summer”


It's no secret that temperatures in the greater Nashville area have been well above average thus far this season. These conditions have wreaked havoc on lawns all over Middle Tennessee. Less than beautiful lawns right now does not mean you have received "bad seed." There's a good chance the seed is just drying out from the elevated temperatures. 

But we have good news. Even with a few cooler days under our belt, soil temperatures are currently what they normally are in mid-September. Fescue grass germination only requires water and warm soil, meaning it will be able to germinate through Thanksgiving! Fretting about frost isn't necessary, either, as it takes multiple consecutive days of frost and freezing temperatures to reduce the soil temperature to below the ability to germinate. 

If you see germination in shady areas first, this is normal. The sun isn't drying out the seeds with its afternoon heat in these spots. Setting irrigation to water once before lunch and once in the afternoon is your best bet to keeping new seeds fully moist and in germinating condition. The best thing for your lawn at this point is patience with Mother Nature and keeping consistent with watering.

If you have maintained the recommended watering schedule after we've seeded and you're still not seeing desired results, please give us a call so we can check up on your lawn. Our goal is to deliver Great Green Grass to all of our customers.