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Local Lawn Care: 4 Aeration Tips

Lawn aeration is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the overall quality and long-term health of your lawn. By reducing soil compaction, lawn aeration improves the flow of air, water, and nutrients to the roots of your turf, which helps it develop deeper and stronger.

Now is the time for lawn aeration in Franklin, Brentwood, and the Nashville area. Here are four aeration tips from your local lawn care specialists.

1. Aerating your yard helps with drainage problems. Does your lawn remain “soupy” for a bit after it rains? You need to aerate it. If your lawn has stopped absorbing water as it should, aeration can help your turf’s roots access this water and prevent surface-level drainage problems.

2. Aerating prepares your yard for spring. Lawn aeration in the fall is an important step if you want Great Green Grass in the spring. That’s because aeration ultimately creates a seedbed — a bed of fine soil in which seedlings germinate — that lets stronger turf grow in the spring.

3. Aerating builds turf strength, especially in new yards. If your lawn is relatively new — i.e. the sod has had 3-6 months to properly establish its root system — aeration can be an excellent way to kick-start its development.

Expert tip: if you follow lawn aeration with overseeding, you can introduce new types of grasses into your lawn, which will help it grow healthy and thicker.

4. Aerating helps with brown spots over time. Staying true to the “defense is the best offense” motto, a deep, healthy root system — which you achieve through lawn aeration — is your best defense against weeds, insects, and diseases like brown spots. You can learn more about common turf diseases here.
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