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Lawn Diseases in Franklin

Thanks to excessive heat and the risk of overwatering, lawn diseases are extremely common in the summer. You can easily go from having a vibrant, green lawn in the spring to a patchy, drab lawn during the summer, which no Franklin homeowner wants.

So if you look outside and see your turf has some damage, it might be time to switch up your lawn care routine.

Need some help identifying the type of damage taking hold in your yard? Here are a few common lawn diseases we’re seeing in Franklin right now:

Brown patch

Brown Patch

Brown patch is common during the warm, humid summer season. This specific fungus can be caused by dryness, as well as an excess of nitrogen and water. When left untreated, the dark circular patches that make the lawn look “splotchy” continue growing outward as the disease spreads.

Dollar spot

Dollar Spot

Dollar spot creates unsightly patches on your lawn. The difference between dollar spot and brown patch? Dollar spot is small, silver-dollar-sized patches, typically found in Bermuda lawns. One of the reasons a lawn will see dollar spot is that the grass has depleted its nutrients in the soil and needs to be fertilized.

Fairy ring

Fairy Ring

While not as destructive as brown patch or dollar spot, fairy ring is quite the eyesore. It starts with fungal growth within the soil, which feeds on any organic matter and releases nutrients that cause dark green rings to form. With time, the fungus uses your lawn’s nutrients and causes dead rings and/or mushroom growth in a ring-like arc.



Rust starts with small yellow flecks on your lawn. Over time, they become longer yellow areas with raised centers which then erupt and release a mass of rust-orange spores. These very light spores (which can be carried long distances by the wind) infect the grass and leave the entire lawn rust-colored. Any infected plants will turn yellow, weaken, and often die.

Want Them Removed? Pure Green Can Help!

We’ve seen our fair share of lawn diseases in Franklin and throughout Middle Tennessee. The best news? These diseases are treatable and preventable! Pure Green offers a natural disease-control program throughout the summer to keep your grass green and healthy. Our treatment program runs from May through July, and the 4 applications can prevent and help cure any disease.

Ready to start enjoying your lawn again? Get an instant quote on our organic disease-control treatments for your yard today!