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Lawn Care Management: Top 3 Watering Tips

If only Mother Nature could do her job perfectly and provide just enough rain — but not too much — to keep your lawn lush, green and healthy all summer long. But, unfortunately, natural lawn care takes a bit more human intervention. Pure Green can be your natural lawn care management company in Franklin, Brentwood, Nashville, and surrounding areas.

Too much or too little water can cause all sorts of problems for your turf from wilting and poor color to slow growth. There is a tried-and-true science behind proper lawn watering. To maintain a healthy lawn, the ground needs to be moist 4-6” below its surface. This moisture usually equates to 1-2” of water per week during Tennessee’s warm summer months.

Here are three watering tips, based on scientific fact, which will give you the grass that Mother Nature intended.

1. The Time of Day Matters

Morning is the best time of the day to water your grass. If you water in the afternoon, the high temperatures will cause much of your water to evaporate rather then penetrate the soil. If you water in the evening, your turf may stay wet overnight, which invites diseases and pests that thrive in moist, cool conditions.

2. Water Deeply & Less Frequently

It’s intuitive when you take a minute to think about it: shallow watering promotes shallow root growth. Grass takes its cue from water and will follow the water into the soil — the deeper the water penetrates the soil, the deeper your turf’s roots will grow. You want deep roots for healthy, green grass.

3. Use Shrubs & Trees to Manage Trouble Areas

The soil in your yard can change significantly within short distances. Some soils are overly wet and subject to flooding, while others are shallow and dry. Planting shrubs or trees around your yard in areas that are prone to too much or too little water is a great natural lawn care solution.

If you can’t install drainage pipes or downspouts, viburnum, river birch, sweetgum, and willow are all plants that can tolerate a lot of water. If you can’t irrigate a particularly dry area, juniper, crabapple, barberry and gray dogwood are all great drought-tolerant plants.

Call Pure Green today to schedule a lawn care management consultation. We can help you with all your natural lawn care needs in Franklin, Brentwood, and Nashville.