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It’s Biology, Not Chemistry – Organic Turf Management

Marty Kaufman, CSFM (Certified Sports Field Manager) was raised on a farm and his passion for plant management and health has only grown since coming to do organic turf managment for Pure Green. He admits, “I needed to understand the science behind Holganix before jumping on the bandwagon.”

“Traditionally, treating turf has been all about chemistry,” says Kaufman. Turf professionals have been focused simply on adding nutrients/chemicals to the soil – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium; they’ve been ignoring the biology. “The thing is,” explains Kaufman, “chemistry doesn’t happen without biology.” A healthy and balanced soil food web, aided with biology, allows the chemistry (your inputs) to become more efficient. This allows those who use fertilizers to use significantly less of it.

“Holganix is about getting back to the basics.”

“I started to realize that the soil biology, those organisms that make up the soil food web, is so much more efficient than I am at creating healthy turf. After all, building a healthy soil environment and increasing plant health is what they are made to do!” It was by understanding this relationship that made Kaufman realize that Holganix made sense for plant health and for Pure Green!

Pure Green is so blessed to have Marty’s expertise! Recently, Marty was featured on the Holganix blog. The above is just a taste of the article. Visit the Holganix website for more.