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How to Winterize Your Lawn

With the cold temperatures approaching, we all start to turn our attention to those looming projects inside. But before you get too involved in gutting the bathroom or installing a new closet organizer, don’t forget to winterize your lawn in preparation for a beautiful spring.

As we have said before, fall is a crucial season for your lawn. How you treat and maintain your lawn this fall will affect the beauty of your lawn in the spring and summer, so make sure to follow these steps to winterize your lawn.

  1. Aerate. Most have already finished this process, but it’s not too late. It’s important to aerate to allow air, water and nutrients to reach the grass roots. Read more on how to aerate your own lawn here.
  2. Remove all weeds. It’s very important to weed your yard so you are only protecting those plants that matter in the winterizing process. Though weeding is never fun, at least this season you can do it in the cooler weather – take advantage!
  3. Fertilize. Be sure to use a fertilizer formulated to winterize lawns. It will have a higher potassium level and are designed to strengthen plants. Make sure to not over fertilize though because that could cause burns.
  4. Cover plant beds. Insulation is important to your plant and vegetable beds this winter. Covering them with mulch will help to insulate these areas and protect them.
  5. Remove leaves. Of course, this is not the most favorite chore on the list, but leaf removal is more than important. Our recommendation is to use a leaf blower to remove leaves so that you don’t disturb the seed you spread during the aeration and overseeding process.
  6. Prep your irrigation system. Don’t forget about your irrigation system in this process. It’s time to get the water out so that it doesn’t crack or damage those key components. Trust us, you don’t want your first spring project to be installing a new irrigation system. Call any of our preferred vendors to help you with this process.

Now, quick get out there – the time is now! Don’t let all of your hard work go down the drain – winterize!