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How Much Does a Lawn Care Service Cost?

The cost of lawn care is important, but we would venture to say that value is even more important. Knowing you’ve hired the right company for the job and that they are charging a fair and honest rate just helps you sleep better at night, especially if you’ve been taking care of your own lawn for years.

We’ll cover the types of products that need to be in your shed along with the proper equipment. When to use the products and equipment is just as important. Then, we’ll talk about what a homeowner can expect to pay for a lawn service to come in and do it for you.


There are many products a homeowner would need to purchase to treat their lawn all year. You could probably get by with the basic fertilizer treatment twice a year but if you want great green grass, there’s more to buy and therefore apply.

Here’s a good list of products that you’ll need to purchase from your local store:

  • Pre-emergent herbicide targeting broadleaf weeds
  • Pre-emergent herbicide targeting grassy weeds
  • Post-emergent herbicides
  • Fertilizer (enough for multiple treatments throughout the year)
  • Insect treatments targeting mosquitoes, fleas and ticks (generally 4-5 applications during the summer)
  • Tree and shrub treatment (generally 5 treatments during the year)
  • If aerating and over-seeding, you’ll need to buy grass seed.
  • If you happen to have a fungus present, there are separate treatments for those which means more products to have on hand.


Equipment can be expensive. If aerating, you can use a large rake, but it’s best to rent an aerator from a local home improvement store. The little bits and pieces can add up, too. Do yourself a favor and invest in a good spreader for fertilizer and pre-emergent herbicides. This will ensure an even coating over your lawn and results in less wasted product. You’ll also need to buy a sprayer for weed control, post-emergent herbicide. Some products come with a decent sprayer – you probably remember that time you bought one that didn’t work!


Knowing when to apply product is an art in itself. We’ve been taking care of Tennessee grass for a long long time, and we have learned a thing or two about timing. For example, applying fertilizer too early or late won’t be as effective. You’ll need to spend some time not only getting to know your grass but basic timing of applications. Our lawn care calendar will be a good start!

The Pure Green advantage

At Pure Green, we use Google Earth to determine your lawn size to give you the most accurate pricing we can, which is based on square footage of your lot. To give you an idea of what our services cost, we’ll use a .25 acre lot as an example.

A .25 acre lot will cost about $54 per treatment, so $378 per year based on 7 lawn treatments. Those 7 treatments include fertilizing, compost tea and weed control. For that same size lot, aeration and seeding will run about $324 in the fall.

That comes to about $597 per year after the 15% discount!

We have the advantage of buying the best products on the market at wholesale prices. We hire great employees who work efficiently which means we’re able to get to our customers in a timely manner.

The big question…Is it worth the headache, buying and storing of materials, researching, and actually doing the work? Are you ready to stop doing it yourself and hire a professional? Call us today!