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How Do You Prevent Ticks in Your Lawn?

Pests like ticks aren’t just found in the wilderness. They can also be found right in your own backyard, and they can put you, your family, and your pets at risk. A bite from a tick means the possibility to contract bacterial infections like Lyme disease. Plus, they can be extremely painful, putting a damper on your outdoor fun in the summertime.

Luckily, there are a few ways to reduce the chance of ticks in your lawn. Before giving the lawn care professionals at Pure Green a call, try these simple and natural property management tips:

Mow Your Lawn

Ticks love hiding in tall grass and weeds, especially when those areas are humid and shaded. Mowing your lawn frequently—to the right length!—can keep them at bay.

Create Natural Barriers

As we said before, ticks typically love shady and humid areas in your yard. They can’t tolerate heat. Using features like wood chips, stones, or gravel creates a natural barrier in the yard because ticks are less likely to cross them once those materials warm up.

Natural Pest Treatment 

To get rid of ticks, you don’t have to turn to pesticides that are unhealthy for your lawn. Pure Green offers an All-Natural Pest Treatment! This 6-application treatment is 100% organic and is applied to your turf and landscape. It runs from April through October—perfect timing to start now!

Preventing pests like ticks doesn’t happen overnight. The sooner you act to take back your lawn, the easier it’ll be to relax outside with your friends, family, and pets. Ready to get started? Get an instant quote from Pure Green today!