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Happy Earth Day – Importance of Organic Lawn Care

“It’s a small world after all…” You can finish the rest – and you’re welcome for getting that tune stuck in your head! Robert Sherman, one of the co-writers of the song, certainly didn’t intend for it to apply to lawn care, but it sure does. We only have one earth (unless someone much smarter than we are finds another one in our lifetime), and we have to take care of it.

One way we can make our earth greener is to institute organic lawn care. Simply being aware of your lawn maintenance practices and seeking ways to be more efficient can lessen the overall footprint.

Why is organic lawn care important?

It’s important because it directly affects our families and pets as well as wild life around us. No doubt, lawn maintenance is a BOOMING business now-a-days. Ever since the 1950s, people have been pursuing grass perfection. As of 2004, homeowners apply more than 70 million tons of fertilizer and more than 70 million pounds of pesticides every year. Hopefully, this number has declined since the introduction of organic fertilizers and all the hype and awareness given to the subject.

Think about the little things. Where do the grass clippings go? How much water are you using to keep your grass green? What kind and how much fertilizer are you applying? By changing just a few habits, you can have a drastic effect on our planet.

How can you be more organic?

Let’s talk about a few tips to help “green up” your lawn organically. We mean this in two ways. Of course, bright green lush grass is desired, but we’ll also tell you how you can maximize your resources to be kind to the environment.

Mow smart. About 21% of municipal solid waste consists of grass clippings. They should not be filling our landfills, they should be giving nutrients to your turf. Consider leaving grass clipping on your lawn to provide valuable water and nutrients to the grass roots and plants living in your yard.

Water sensibly. Consider watering less frequently but deeper. Water in the morning to give grass a better chance of absorbing all the water it needs. Deep watering will encourage deep roots which will help grass endure in times of drought and/or extreme heat.

Use organic fertilizer. Americans are spending upwards of $40 billion annually on products that “green up” grass. Most of these products interrupt the natural cycle and force a reaction. There are solutions which use significantly less chemicals. Pure Green uses a product called Holganix to fertilize and treat your lawn. The products allow us to reduce the amount of nitrates and phosphates by as much as 90%. The main ingredient in Holganix is the compost tea. It is 100% plant-based and organic. It is teeming with beneficial, living microbiological organisms. The compost tea boosts plant health and root development so that your turf can better absorb and use the nutrients you provide it. This ultimately means less chemicals filling our waters.

Happy Earth Day Tennessee! For more information on how Pure Green can help you be more earth conscience and organic, call us today!