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Fall Landscaping 101

It’s easy to stay inside and curl up with a blanket once the temperature drops here in Middle Tennessee. We encourage you to get outside, put on a flannel if you really want to get into the fall spirit, and tend to your lawn and landscaping before the winter months are here to stay! Creating a consistent lawn-care routine during the fall will ensure that your landscaping survives whatever winter weather comes our way and blooms healthy when spring returns.

Help your lawn out this fall with the best landscaping tips from Pure Green:


We put this at the top of our list because it should be at the top of yours! Aeration is one of the top ways to improve the overall quality of your lawn. The aeration process loosens up the compacted soil, which improves the drainage of your yard and increases the flow of water, air, and nutrients to the roots of the grass. And it ultimately strengthens and deepens your grass’s root system.

It’s also good to over-seed right after aerating, because the holes formed by aeration can be the perfect place for new seeds to nest and grow. It allows the seeds to easily soak in water, oxygen, and other nutrients, keeping your grass greener throughout the winter.


Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly cut grass? While consistent mowing is one of the most time-consuming lawn care projects out there, it’s an effective way to promote healthy growth—and it keeps your yard looking fresh! And since growing season is slowing down, you probably only have to mow a couple more times this year.

While mowing isn’t one of the services we provide at Pure Green, we can certainly offer up a few expert mowing tips.

  • Clean the top and undercarriage of the mower 
  • Use a sharp blade 
  • Check the oil regularly 
  • Mow a dry lawn 
  • Mow at the correct height (3 inches is a healthy length)


Establishing a consistent watering schedule is important, even when rain is likely in the forecast here in Nashville. Now, this doesn’t mean watering your lawn every day—seriously, don’t do this!

Our expert recommendation: Water less often, deeply. Giving your lawn a good soaking is key to promoting deeper root growth. We recommend doing this once or twice a week with at least an inch of water (unless there’s rain, of course).

Ready to take your lawn-care game to the next level and create a lawn-care plan that ensures great green grass all year round? Contact the lawn care experts at Pure Green and get a free estimate today!