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Everything You Need to Know About Bush Hogging

If you own a large piece of property in Middle Tennessee, you know how challenging it can be to maintain it. There may be times when you want to take an area that has been neglected or overgrown and turn it back into usable land. The trouble is, a normal lawnmower is no match for that thick brush.

Luckily there is a way to clear out those overgrown areas of your land. That’s where bush hogging, Pure Green’s latest lawn care service, comes into play.

What Is Bush Hogging?

Often referred to as “brush hogging,” this technique requires a forestry mulcher and rotary mower to cut through any unwanted weeds, grass, or brush. It uses multiple cutting blades to swing back and forth. The debris is tossed in every direction at very high speeds, so it’s best to steer clear of the bush hogging area to avoid any projectiles.

If you’d like to turn thick, overgrown areas into usable acreage, bush hogging is the way to go.

Is Bush Hogging Different from Lawn Mowing?

Absolutely. Bush hogging clears larger areas and fields while mowing your lawn gives your home a polished look and feel. Lawns need to be cut properly to encourage growth and maintain health. Mowing a lawn requires a bit more precision than whacking through dense plant growth.

A key difference is the mower blades for each technique. A conventional lawnmower shouldn’t have any damage to it, as the blades need to be sharp to get a crisp cut on the grass. The blades for a rotary mower, however, are quite thick and dull in comparison.

Rotary mower blades are also designed to withstand a strike from a rock or stump since they’re on hinges. If the blade were to hit a rock or stump, it would bounce backward, then inward, and back again.

Let the Professionals Handle It

Bush hogging involves large machinery and potential hazards. When it comes to clearing land, it’s best to let the professionals handle it.

We’re proud to announce that Pure Green now provides land-clearing services for properties within a 50-mile radius of Nashville. Need to clear out a section of your land? Request a quote from Pure Green by filling out our form today!