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Core Aeration vs. Liquid Aeration

Pure Green introduced liquid aeration to our customers earlier this year and have seen a great response on the new product! Now that we’re entering what is typically “aeration season”, it’s important to know the options that you have as a customer and the benefits and differences in core versus liquid aeration.


What is Aeration?

As a starter, re-familiarize yourself with why aeration is important to your lawn and how exactly it will benefit you.

Aerating prior to over seeding allows seeds to nestle efficiently into the soil and promotes deeper root growth, so late summer/early fall is usually the primary time to take care of it. However, aeration is also the cure for many of your lawn’s “ailments” throughout the year including:

  • Compacted soil – Aeration breaks up the soil in areas that receive high foot traffic or are simply beaten down.
  • Standing water – Standing water after irrigation or rainfall can invite disease into your lawn. Aerating your lawn allows proper water drainage and prevents pooling water.
  • Thatch – Areas of your lawn that are subject to thatch buildup can be helped with aeration. Thatch removal is crucial to your lawn’s health, as it prevents sunlight, oxygen, and water from reaching your grass’s roots.

Even if you aren’t experiencing any of these problems currently, maintaining a regular aeration schedule is essential to preventing these issues before they even arise.

What is Core Aeration?

Core aeration is the type of procedure that most clients are familiar with and the one Pure Green used for years in the past. Like its name suggests, core aeration involves an aeration machine that pulls 2-3” plugs from the ground every few inches. The plugs are spread across the surface, living tiny divots all over the lawn. This breaks up the compacted soil and promotes root growth with better access to rain and sunlight.

What is Liquid Aeration?

Liquid aeration is Pure Green’s newest product. It is becoming more popular thanks to recent developments, which make the product more effective. Liquid aeration creates microscopic pores in the soil that act as sponges, absorbing and retaining needed water and nutrients. No “plugs” are removed from the soil in the process.

What is the benefit of Liquid Aeration vs. Core Aeration?

Since the introduction of this new product, many Pure Green customers have asked for a comparison between the two types of aeration that we offer. When comparing liquid aeration versus core aeration, we tend to find that liquid aeration is the better choice, for multiple reasons.

Liquid aeration provides 100% coverage, something that core aeration simply cannot do. Furthermore, liquid aeration saves customers both time and money- as the procedure can be done more quickly and efficiently. Ultimately, the benefits of liquid aeration last much longer than that of core aeration and they are accumulative, so they build over time. Liquid aeration can also be applied at any time throughout the year, as it won’t harm tender young grass like a core aeration would.

As professionals, we are highly recommending our Pure Green clients to choose liquid aeration over core aeration. We are finding remarkable success in our lawns that have made the switch, and we hope to continue to spread that Great Green Grass to other lawns.

Have questions about this new product? Please don’t hesitate to reach out, we’d be happy to walk through a lawn plan with you and determine what is right for your lawn.