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Can I Seed My Lawn in Spring?

grass seeding best practices

At Pure Green, our general recommendation is that seeding take place in the fall. Early fall in Tennessee provides the warm days and cool nights that new grass needs to stay moist and germinate.

If you must seed in the spring, here are some things to remember…

Seed Early

You’ll need to seed in early to mid-spring. Seeding in late spring doesn’t give the tender new grass enough time to grow and establish solid roots before the heat of a Tennessee summer arrives. Since we’ve seen unseasonably warm weather already this year, keep that in mind for timing.

New Grass is Thirsty

Even when planting new seed in the fall, it still needs to remain moist to germinate well. Add in the factor of warmer temperatures and you’ve got some thirsty grass on your hands. If you have an irrigation system, it’s easy to time these waterings throughout the day, if not, it’s going to take a little more effort to get the right amount of water on your new sod.

Keep a Watch on Weather

Spring weather can be unpredictable in Tennessee. The Nashville area tends to get the brunt of some lines of storms and tornadoes, so you’ll need to keep a watch on the forecast before you seed in the spring. Even though new seed does need significant water, if you seed right before a downpour, you risk the new seed being washed away (or blown away if it’s windy).

So while you can seed in spring, there are definitely better times to do it with higher success rates. Hiring a lawn care company like Pure Green can keep you on-track by applying all of your treatments when they’re needed. To help you along, we’re proud to offer free estimates.