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Best Time to Fertilize in Middle Tennessee

The best time to fertilize in Middle Tennessee can be precarious. Due to our climate, we truly experience all four seasons. This means (for the most part) brutally hot summers, freezing cold winters, and mild springs and falls. As a general rule of thumb, here at Pure Green, we are major advocates of fertilizing in the fall. Follow our 3 step process below for the best results with your fall lawncare!

Step 1: Determine Your Type of Grass

If you don’t already know your type of grass, let us know so we can figure it out for you. Many lawns in Middle TN have a combination of warm and cool-season grasses.
Warm season- Fertilize earlier in the fall to have the most success. You don’t want to jeopardize the natural winterizing process of your lawn.
Cool season- Fall fertilizing is a must to ensure Great Green Grass. Cool-season grasses respond well to fertilizer because they are less stressed in the fall.

Step 2: Aerate & Over-seed

There are many reasons that we combine aeration and over-seeding for the success of our lawns. Once the soil is relieved of compaction and new seed is actively strengthening your roots, it’s on to the main event.

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Step 3: Fertilize

Fertilizing your lawn in the fall allows it to absorb the much-needed nutrients from the mix throughout the winter. This will allow a healthy root system and beautiful grass come spring! At Pure Green, we use natural, organic products like Holganix on our lawns.

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