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Armyworms are Destroying Lawns in Middle Tennessee

As we get ready for fall, armyworms are becoming a huge problem in lawns all over Middle Tennessee, destroying lawns in less than 48 hours.

Have you seen these worms in your lawn? Armyworms love all types of grass and weeds, but Bermuda grass is their favorite. Take a look at your lawn, your pastures, and your fairways for this little pest. Here are a few signs to look for:

  1. Brown patches

These brown patches rapidly grow before your eyes. Armyworms feed mostly at night, so you may wake up to this terror. At first, these brown patches seem to be from drought or disease, but take a closer look.

  1. Birds

Again, birds! Are there several birds clustered in one area of your lawn? See if you can find these armyworms tucked under your grass.

But how do you control these worm infestations? Well, the good news is these worms can’t hurt your lawn permanently. By applying insecticide, you can fix this problem and we can help! Call us today, and we will set you up with a treatment plan to fit your need.