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Aeration: The Secret to a Beautiful Lawn

Picture this. You’re driving through your neighborhood and see house after house with beautiful, lush, green grass. But when you pull up to your own home, you notice that your lawn isn’t quite as picturesque, with a few brown patches, thatch buildup, and growing weeds.

How can you level up your lawn by next spring?

Simple: aerate and overseed!

The truth is lawns cannot survive without air, water, and nutrients. Over time soil often becomes compacted, which prevents these vital resources from reaching the roots and can kill your grass. No matter what soil type you have or how frequently you use your yard, your lawn needs to be aerated.

Why Aeration Matters

No one enjoys looking at an entire yard of brown grass. Compacted soil causes grass to die and turn brown. It also often results in increased water runoff and lowered resistance to heat stress. What’s worse is that pesky weeds and lawn diseases are attracted to these issues. So when you neglect your lawn, it can have serious repercussions for the entire landscape in the future.

An aerated lawn, on the other hand, promotes stronger roots, tolerance to heat and drought stress, reduced water runoff, and other benefits. The lawn will continue to thrive despite climate conditions, and fertilizer applications will be more effective.

Why Aerate and Overseed Together 

Here in Nashville, we pair overseeding and aeration to enhance seed germination. Combining the two provides access to the deeper parts of your soil: The holes created by aeration allow the seeds to sink into your lawn’s soil.

Seeding encourages new plant growth and thickening of the lawn, preventing weed growth, soil compaction, and any thatch buildup. The result? A healthier lawn filled with great green grass everyone loves to see.

‘Tis the Season for Aeration and Seedin’!

Aeration can be done any time of year (especially with Pure Green’s liquid aeration), but fall is typically the time people decide to get on it. The cooler temperatures of the fall allow new seeds to grow in better conditions. And it gives them time to take hold and germinate before any type of frost hits. Come next spring, your lawn will look amazing!

Get Help from a Local Lawn Care Company

If you want a fantastic-looking lawn, don’t skip this crucial step in your lawn care routine!

Pure Green specializes in both liquid and core aeration services at any time throughout the year. If you have any more questions about liquid aeration or want to know what type of lawn care is right for your home, we’d be happy to speak with you.

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