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5 Tips for Lawn Care in Late Fall

November is here, which seems late in the season, but it’s not time to say sayonara to your lawn responsibilities. Every lawn still needs TLC this time of year, you can help your’s by following our tips.

Don’t Leave the Leaves

Leaves are fun and fall-ish, but left on the ground, they block sunlight from your turf and trap moisture. As leaves fall, blow or rake them away to ensure your lawn can breathe and see the light.

Continue Watering

It’s true, we’ve seen unprecedented heat here in Middle Tennessee this season. This means that it’s even more important to maintain a consistent watering schedule. Typically we see more rain this time of year, but lately that has not been the case. Your lawn needs at least an inch of water per week, so unless we see a soaking, keep on keeping on with the irrigation system.

Aerate, Aerate, Aerate

We truly cannot stress this enough. If you haven’t aerated and overseeded already this season, there’s still time.

Just Keep Cutting

Don’t stow away the mower just yet. Grass continues to grow until the first hard frost, and with the way the temperatures are going, it could be a while. Your best bet is to continue to keep cuts at around 3 inches in height.

Winterize It

Using a winterizer fertilizer will encourage strong root development before a harsh winter.

If you have any questions concerning your lawn care this fall, give us a shout, we work by the G3 Guarantee!