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3 Surefire Signs of a Healthy Tree

It’s easy to forget your trees as part of your annual lawn care maintenance. When’s the last time you looked deeper into your trees’ health? Most people forget to even look at their trees as long as they are providing the needed shade on a hot and sunny day. The health of your trees is important to the safety, well-being and value of your property. Protect your investment and make sure your trees are as healthy as they can be. First things first – are your trees healthy and how can you tell?

3 Signs of a Healthy Tree

  1. One trunk.
    A healthy tree has a center trunk, which keeps the tree strong and stable.
  2. New growth.
    Is your tree producing new growth each year? All trees grow at different speeds. Take the time to research the particular species of trees you have in your yard to see how much growth is expected each year.
  3. Full branches.
    Broken branches invite pests and diseases to enter a tree. Eliminate all broken branches. If a branch looks dormant, go ahead and test the branch by gently bending it to see if it will snap easily. Living branches will bend, not break.

It pays to care for your trees not only because they make your landscape beautiful and increase your property value, but more importantly they provide many benefits to the environment.

These benefits include:

  • Cleaner air
  • Energy savings
  • Storm water runoff reduction

Get started today by taking a look at all your trees and taking a quick inventory of their health. There are few telltale signs that indicate your tree is diseased and needs to be treated right away.

First and probably easiest to detect – – insect activity. Are pests taking over your trees? You can find out quickly by checking the leaves and branches for any holes or brown spots. Two more things to look out for – – mushrooms and cracks in the trunk of your tree. Mushrooms growing on your trees are a sign that your tree’s internal structure has already been compromised by a fungi attack and it needs to be treated right away. While cracks in the tree’s trunk indicate a type of decay and will eventually fall and should be removed as soon as possible.

Still worried about your trees? Let us help you take inventory of your trees’ health.