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Why Do I Have Lawn Mushrooms?


Lawn mushrooms are the “fruiting bodies” of well-established fungi that sprout in the cool and wet conditions that are typical of fall. Consistent lawn care service can’t 100% root out lawn mushrooms, but it can help you with mushroom and weed control in Nashville.

It’s important to know that while most lawn mushrooms are non-toxic, some are poisonous, and you shouldn’t eat them. Families with pets and children should be especially mindful of the mushrooms growing in their lawns.

Why Do I Have Lawn Mushrooms

In moist and cool conditions, lawn mushrooms sprout up near tree trunks, in shady areas and even right in the middle of your yard. If your lawn has persistent drainage problems, you might also see a lot of lawn mushrooms.

It’s not all bad news: mushrooms only sprout when your soil is full of organic material, which is what you need for lush, green turf in the long run.

How Do I Get Rid of Lawn Mushrooms

Aerate Your Yard. Aerating your turf gets rid of compacted soil, which can cause standing water. Now is the time to aerate and seed your lawn — for 4 Aeration Tips, check out this blog post.
Keep Your Trees & Shrubs Properly Trimmed. This will minimize shade in areas of your lawn that you don’t want to be shaded. Pure Green offers a full range of Tree & Shrub Healthcare services to help keep your trees and shrubs cared for.
Use Nitrogen Fertilizer. Appling a nitrogen fertilizer to your lawn helps speed up the decomposition of grass clippings, dead leaves, and other trimmings. This organic debris encourages the growth of lawn mushrooms.
Maintain Consistent Lawn Care. In addition to aeration and tree and shrub trimming, keeping up with routine lawn care will go a long way to controlling mushrooms. Daily tasks like picking up after Fido, raking dead leaves and picking mushrooms when they sprout can keep your lawn in pristine condition. We’re here to help with full Lawn Care Services for any lawn and lawn care need in Nashville.
Take the Zen Approach. Leave the mushrooms be. Especially if you don’t have kids or pets that can potentially consume the fungi. Mushrooms typically don’t cause lawn diseases and are indicative of healthy soil. If they don’t bug you, don’t bug them.