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What is Liquid Aeration?

Pure Green is thrilled to offer Liquid Aeration as a service choice, in addition to traditional aeration. There are many benefits to choosing liquid aeration over traditional core aeration beyond the improvement to your soil.

Why Aeration is Important

Grass aeration is beneficial to Middle Tennessee lawns in many ways. All types of aeration accomplish:

  • Improved Drainage | If you notice standing water in your yard after a normal rain, it likely needs aeration. This excess moisture means that your lawn has stopped absorbing water as efficiently as it should. Aeration allows water to soak into the soil which helps your turf’s roots and prevents surface-level drainage problems.
  • A Prepared Seedbed | Aeration creates a seedbed that helps young seedlings to germinate. Spreading new seed on hard, compacted soil will not yield a result nearly as successful as aerated soil.
  • Combatting Disease and Brown Spots | Over time, aerating helps tremendously with this type of lawn damage. As mentioned above, a well-drained lawn will prevent water from pooling at the surface and in turn, causing disease from the moisture. A deep, healthy root system is also your best defense against weeds, insects, and other conditions like brown spots.

No matter which type you choose, aeration is vital to the success of any lawn and should be considered a priority when planning your lawn care calendar for the year.

Benefits of Liquid Aeration

As crucial as aeration is, liquid aeration brings its own set of advantages to homeowners. We are excited to offer this product to our customers, and we think you’ll love it, too.

Aeration Any Time

Because of the gentle nature of the liquid aeration, Pure Green can apply the treatment at any time; this differs greatly from the usual lawn care calendar that places aeration in the fall. Liquid aeration enables our lawn care experts to be flexible about this treatment if a customer wants to change their aeration schedule.

No Damage or Mess

Even though aeration can greatly enhance the health and appearance of lawns, many clients want to forego the process. This hesitation is often because the grass can look worse before it gets better! Liquid aeration eliminates unsightly holes all around the lawn and the littering of plugs everywhere.

100% Coverage

Unlike traditional aeration, liquid aeration achieves 100% coverage of your lawn. Total coverage is something that traditional aeration can simply not do, as there will always be space between the “plugs” of lawn (imagine your lawn like a slice of Swiss cheese!). Total coverage means that every inch of your lawn is receiving the nutrients, sunlight, and water that it needs.

Save Money

Believe it or not, liquid aeration SAVES money for clients. Instead of spending thousands on aeration machines and repairs each year, plus the time it takes to aerate lawns, Pure Green is choosing to pass the savings on to you, the customer! Furthermore, liquid aeration won’t cause damage to any existing features in lawns such as irrigation systems and electric fences. With regular aeration, we require a fee for marking these items off in lawns. By skipping this step, clients save even more!

If you’re interested in getting started with a lawncare package that includes liquid aeration, get a free lawn care estimate today!