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TruGreen Acquires Scotts LawnService


The lawn care industry has seen some significant changes lately that affect Nashville lawn care customers. Most recently, TruGreen announced its merger with Scotts LawnService, a former subsidiary of The Miracle-Gro Company. This is big news for lawn management in Nashville, as the merger expands TruGreen’s services to a total of 2.3 million customers across the U.S. and Canada. The newly formed company will operate under the TruGreen brand.

So, what does this mean for Nashville lawn care? Some industry experts predict growth for smaller, organic-based lawn care companies. Here’s why:

More Personal Service

TruGreen and Scotts were already the second and fourth largest companies in the lawn care industry. The merger has added about 500,000 more customers for TruGreen, and not all of those people want to work with a huge company. In fact, some customers may switch their Nashville lawn care provider for more personal service or to support a local business.

Organic Treatments

The merger also allows organic lawn care companies to stand out. While the bigger names are using chemicals, companies like PureGreen can thrive with organic lawn care methods. For example, our organic hybrid program reduces pesticides by up to 50% for a healthy lawn and family.

More Differentiation from the Big Corporations

The merger has also created a bigger gap between the huge corporations and the smaller lawn care companies. While the merger hurts many Scotts franchisees, it will help other small lawn care companies differentiate themselves from the even bigger TruGreen name.

The TruGreen-Scotts merger is only one piece of news we’ve seen lately in lawn management in Nashville. After a private equity group bought Brickman Group and ValleyCrest Landscape in 2014, they merged the two to create BrightView, a $2 billion company with 22,000 employees.

As the biggest lawn care companies continue to get bigger, we’ll continue to focus on providing the personal, customized service you can only get from a smaller Nashville lawn care company.

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