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Top Tree Care Tips


Before April showers can bring May flowers, they bring lightning, hail, and wind. Middle Tennessee is no stranger to severe weather this time of year, some of which can be destructive. It is better to be proactive in assessing trees for potential damage than waiting until a tree or branch lands on your home or car.

Heed these Warning Signs:

  • Electrical wires that are in contact with a tree are a hazard. Trees can become energized, causing the potential for fires.
  • Branches that are dead or partially dead can fall. Even if they are hung up in higher branches, it is a smart idea to clear them out.
  • Split branches should be dealt with as soon as possible.
  • Hollow or decayed areas on the tree, or mushrooms growing from the bark indicate a weak tree.
  • Peeling bark could indicate disease and therefore structural weakness.
  • Heaving soil at the base of a tree indicates potential for an unsound root system, a hazard in high winds.

A tree is a living organism. Its stability and structure can change, it can become sick, it can weaken. Don’t assume that because a tree has always withstood Tennessee storms that it will continue to do so. Just like it’s good for us to regularly see a doctor, regular maintenance is good for trees and property.

Upon assessment, if you notice any of these things on your property, we highly recommend calling a professional. Tree work can be complicated and downright dangerous if attempted alone. Accidents happen all the time from:

  • Use of extension ladders. If you need the help of a ladder to reach a branch, proceed with caution. Your ladder should extend 3 feet beyond the branch. Furthermore, lack of stable ground is a huge risk when using a ladder outside.
  • Incorrect tools. Unless you’re trained and have the most updated tools, you’re putting yourself at risk. Tools can cause horrible accidents and trips to the hospital.
  • Lack of knowledge. Even if you spend a considerable amount of time outdoors, we’re guessing you don’t know as much about trees as an arborist. Hacking away at a tree with an axe or chainsaw can result in damage to the tree, your home, or yourself.

If you have a tree that needs attention, check out any of these vendors that we recommend: Pure Green Preferred Vendors