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Protect Your Grass from Summertime Lawn Disease

Summer in Nashville is the time for your great green grass to really shine. Whether it’s block parties, picnics, backyard movie nights, or cornhole tournaments, your family and friends can easily take advantage of your beautiful lawn.

But let’s be honest—it’s hot out there, Middle Tennessee! The summertime heat not only makes the grass dry, but it’s also the perfect environment for common lawn diseases to thrive, especially as homeowners overwater their grass.

Common Summer Lawn Diseases

Believe it or not, many typical lawn diseases in Tennessee are rooted (no pun intended here, but we’ll go with it!) in various fungi spreading throughout an unhealthy lawn. While they may start earlier in the year, these diseases are kicked into overdrive during the summer.

Brown Patch

You’ve probably seen brown patches in your neighborhood lawns at some point. Brown patch is a fungus that results from too much water or nitrogen in your soil, as well as dryness. Producing brown circles of various sizes, this fungus can impact all kinds of grasses.

Fairy Ring

Caused by fungus in the soil, fairy ring produces unsightly dark green crescent or ring-shaped patterns in your lawn, sometimes as large as 50 feet! Over time, mushrooms can grow along the outer edges of the fungus, making it even more noticeable.


Rust is a light orange spore easily carried by the wind, making your grass a prime target for infection. Once this fungus invades your grass, it turns your lawn rust in color. Rust can also latch onto the plants in your yard, weakening and yellowing them until they eventually die.

Powdery Mildew

Easily recognizable, powdery mildew is a fungus that looks like dusty white powder on grass blades. Common to cold-season grasses and several plants, this harmful disease saps vital nutrients from the vegetation it infects.

How a Disease Control Program Can Help

So how can you keep uninvited brown patches or other lawn diseases from impacting your next neighborhood gathering this summer? It all starts with proactively adding disease control to your summertime lawn care treatment. At Pure Green, we take a comprehensive approach to lawn care services. Combining fertilization, topdressing, and aeration, we apply an organic disease control regimen often without the use of fungicides. This preventative method strengthens your turf to fight off common summer diseases and stay healthy all season.

But if your yard’s already all cattywampus due to disease, don’t lose heart.

With Pure Green’s extensive experience caring for Middle Tennessee lawns, we can tackle virtually any disease you’re facing. Our natural lawn care treatment program can cure your lawn of unwanted diseases and get your grass back to the summertime glory your next family get-together deserves.

If you’re ready for great green grass this summer and all year long, partner with Pure Green’s expert lawn care services. Request an instant quote with us today to get started.