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Kid-Friendly Yards: Why You Need Natural Lawn Care



School is out for summer, and kids are busy playing in the backyard. You need to ask yourself: is your lawn kid-friendly? Check out these tips from your organic lawn care company to keep your lawn safe for kids this summer.

Use natural lawn care products.

Not all lawn care products are created equally. At Pure Green, we use Holganix products, which are organic. These products are better for kids, pets and the environment. Organic fertilizers help encourage a healthy turf, which is the best natural preventer of weeds. A healthy turf will limit the number of pesticides and herbicides that your lawn needs.

Avoid damage from unnecessary pesticides.

Pesticides are somewhat unavoidable if you want your lawn to look great, but you don’t have to use a blanket approach with pesticides. Instead of treating for all possible weeds, identify the specific pests your yard has and treat only for those. Treatments that kill everything waste time and money and are bad for your kids and pets.
You can also use vinegar-based products or corn gluten to eradicate weeds instead of synthetic chemicals. Also, don’t forget to hand weed whenever possible.

Focus on an overall natural lawn care strategy. 

Pesticides aren’t the only way to stop weeds. An important part of natural lawn care is keeping your lawn healthy. A healthy lawn is less susceptible to weeds, disease, and bugs.
For example, help your lawn develop a thick turf, instead of just focusing on growing it quickly. Properly established turf prevents weeds from getting the direct sunlight they need to grow and reduces the area into which they can expand. You also should avoid cutting your grass too often or too short. Cut grass to about one-third of its original length and leave the clippings to encourage healthy growth.


We all enjoy spending time outdoors in the summer, but most adults aren’t rolling in the grass like kids do. A natural lawn care strategy keeps your lawn healthy as well as keeps chemicals off your children. Use organic lawn care products when possible, and let your family run free and enjoy your yard this summer.
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