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Is Yard Tick Spray Safe?

Spending an evening outside with your kids and dog is one of the many joys of summer. But seeing recent news reports about tick-related diseases may have you wondering how to protect your family from ticks in your yard. Don’t worry — there is such a thing as safe tick treatment for lawns.

Why do I need to prevent ticks in my yard?

Living in Middle Tennessee, most of us have found a tick on ourselves, our children, or our pets before. While most of the time, these tick bites are harmless, they do have the potential to make us sick. Since ticks are parasites, they rely on the blood of a host (that’s you and me) to survive.  Since they survive on blood, there is potential for disease to transfer from the tick to you or your family. This disease and infection can also happen when attempting to remove the tick if it’s not done correctly. Common tick-related diseases in Middle Tennessee include Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme disease, and a common species of tick can even cause a red meat allergy!  With these health risks coming from ticks, it’s essential to use pest spray to control the tick population in your yard.

Tick lawn treatment is safe and effective.

Whether your landscape is wooded or just simply grass, you most likely have ticks in your yard. They’re generally found near the ground and on blades of grass where they like to hang out until an unsuspecting human or animal walks by. Then they hop on to the host and begin feeding. You can prevent this cycle by using safe and effective yard tick spray from Pure Green.

Experts agree tick repellents and pesticides for the yard are safe and effective when used as directed by professionals. In fact, the CDC recommends using yard tick spray to reduce the number of ticks in your yard, and having a professional company apply pest spray to your lawn to prevent tick bites and the accompanying diseases.

CDC recommendation for tick lawn treatments

Pure Green is proud to offer one of the only 100 percent organic flea and tick lawn treatments in Middle Tennessee.

Pure Green uses organic hybrid treatments to prevent and eradicate lawn pests, including ticks, meaning the formula is safe for use around kiddos and family pets. These eco-friendly yard tick sprays kill tick populations and prevent new ones without harming the environment or your family. Plus, our trained experts know how to apply these pest sprays in a safe and controlled manner, minimizing any potential harm to your family and pets.

Our flea and tick lawn treatments are applied approximately every 30 days from May through October. Our yard tick spray keeps new pest population under control while also getting rid of the ones that may have already arrived in your yard.

Pure Green takes care of pests like ticks in the most natural way possible, and that’s important when your kids and pets are playing outside. You don’t want to worry about ticks, but you also don’t want to worry about unsafe pesticides either. With 40 years of experience and organic-based methods that work effectively while also keeping your family safe from harsh chemicals, Pure Green can help make your lawn a safe oasis to enjoy the outdoors this summer.

If you’re concerned with ticks in your lawn and want safe and effective tick treatment for lawns, give us a call!