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How to Protect Your Lawn on Halloween

One of the most popular holidays of the year is upon us! That’s right, Halloween’s nearly here. Between the leaves changing colors and the trick-or-treaters going door to door for a sweet treat or two, it can be easy for your lawn to see some damage.

Don’t want your lawn to look spooky after Halloween’s over? Here are a few tips from our lawn care professionals on keeping your turf safe this year!

Clear Your Lawn

Fall is the time of year when leaves…well, it’s pretty self-explanatory! As the leaves, sticks, and other debris start piling up, it’s important to clear them to avoid any mold or diseases. You also need to make sure you don’t water your lawn the day of Halloween since wet grass is easily susceptible to damage from foot traffic.

Use Natural Decorations

Pumpkins. Corn stalks. Hay bales. You can’t go wrong with these classic fall-themed staples for Halloween. They’re relatively small in comparison to other Halloween decorations, and who can say no to carving or painting pumpkins?

Avoid Putting Decorations on the Turf

Your lawn has plenty of open space, which makes it seem like the most logical spot to place your Halloween decorations. But you could damage your lawn if you leave your giant inflatable ghosts and 12-foot-tall skeletons on the grass for a few weeks.

Consider putting them in the driveway or on the porch instead! Concrete and asphalt can hold them for longer, and you won’t end up with brown, dead patches of grass.

Create a Trick-or-Treating Path

The typical time for trick-or-treaters is when it’s dark outside. Without any clear direction, they could walk directly across your lawn in their quest for candy. Consider using lighted decorations to make a well-lit path that shows them how to get to the front door. It’ll prevent any unwanted foot traffic on your lawn and help the kids see better as the sun goes down.

Don’t let your lawn turn into a graveyard! However you choose to decorate and celebrate, we hope you’re able to enjoy the spooky season and make your lawn the best on the block. And if you do happen to see any damage this fall, make sure to give our lawn care experts a call.

Happy Halloween from everyone here at Pure Green!