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Best Time to Aerate Your Lawn

Want your grass to be lush and healthy this year? Here’s a simple solution: aerate!

Aeration is one of the most important things you can do for your lawn. Reducing soil compaction by aerating improves the flow of air, water, and nutrients to the roots of your turf, which in turn helps it grow deeper and stronger.

Other lawn care companies recommended aerating during the fall season. At Pure Green, we believe that you can aerate your lawn any time it’s needed thanks to our liquid aeration service. While it’s still important to consider what type of grass you have to maximize the effects, liquid aeration allows you to bend the “rules” a bit and provide long-lasting benefits.

Benefits of Aeration

Builds Turf Strength

Have a relatively new lawn (within the past 3-6 months)? Now that the sod has had a chance to establish its root system, aeration is an excellent way to kick-start its development.

The more air, water, and nutrients that can get to the roots, the more dense your lawn will be. Plus, if you follow aeration with overseeding, you can introduce new types of grass, helping your lawn grow healthier and more beautiful in the coming year.

Prepares Your Yard for Growth

For cool-season grasses, aerating your lawn in the fall is an important step if you want to see Great Green Grass in the spring. Aeration creates a seedbed—a bed of fine soil in which seedlings have space to germinate—and allows stronger turf to grow in the spring.

For warm-season grasses, aeration in the spring is most important, followed by seeding.

Reduces Lawn Diseases

No homeowner wants to look outside and see brown patches scattered across their yard. Deep, healthy root systems, which can be achieved by aerating, help your lawn fight against various pests, weeds, and other common diseases.

Improves Drainage Problems

Rainfall in Middle Tennessee is a common occurrence. With the intense heat we see in the summer, rain helps keep our grass alive. But what you don’t want after a summer thunderstorm is a “soupy” lawn where puddles of water are still present in the days following. It means your turf has stopped absorbing water as it should. Aerating can help your turf’s roots access the water and prevent any surface-level drainage problems.

Go for Great Green Grass

On the fence about aeration? If you want a fantastic-looking lawn, don’t skip this crucial step in your lawn care routine! Pure Green specializes in both liquid and core aeration services at any time throughout the year. If you have any more questions about liquid aeration or want to know what type of lawn care is right for your home, we’d be happy to speak with you.

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