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Best Outdoor Activities in Winter

Dreaming of warmer weather? Every year, about this time, we get restless and wish for warm spring and summer days. We admit, it’s hard to go outside when it’s so cold! Bundling everyone up in five layers, boots, gloves, hats, and jackets is work! But even in cold weather, it’s good to get outside and get some sunshine. It’s a great cure for the winter blues.


When it comes to playing outside, cold days are fun when it snows . . . snowball fights, forts, igloos, snow angels, and snowmen! But did you know there are loads of activities you can do even when there’s no snow? After all, kids need to get energy out!

We’ve put together nine winter activities that you can do outside whether it’s snowing or not.

  1. Obstacle course. Put together a course to get your kids running, jumping, crawling, and swinging through the yard.
  2. Snow paint. Add food coloring and water to a spray bottle and make neat patterns and designs in your yard. This works on the driveway even when there’s no snow.
  3. Winter picnic! Load up your favorite treats, a thermos full of soup, and hot chocolate. Go to the park to play and have lunch.
  4. Photography excursion. Test your photography skills by taking pictures of the winter landscape. Who knows, you might just unleash your little girl's inner photographer.
  5. Outdoor play or movie. Get creative and break out your best costumes and put on a play outside. The porch makes an excellent stage! String up some Christmas lights to make it more authentic.
  6. Winter hike or treasure hunt. Go for a hike and collect unusual items. Then, bring them home to make art by gluing them on a canvas or just paste them inside a nature journal. I bet you’ll be surprised by what your kids find interesting!
  7. Campfire stories and s’mores. Have you ever asked a three-year-old to tell you a story (while eating a s’more)? I promise it will be a memory you won’t forget. Use the cold weather to create family memories of campfires, stories, and sweet treats!
  8. Help out a neighbor! Why not do a good deed on a cold winter day? Pick up trash in the neighborhood, shovel a neighbor’s driveway, or water their plants.
  9. Feed the birds. Make a bird feeder by covering a pinecone in peanut butter and birdseed. Hang it in a place where you can see the birds drop by for a snack.

Instead of turning into a hermit this winter, bundle up and get outside. The fresh air and exercise will put a smile on your face!