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Are Your Trees and Shrubs Healthy?

Trees. They bloom in the spring, provide shade in the summer, offer a gorgeous range of colors in the fall and the perfect perch for snow in the winter. Trees have a spacial place in our hearts as they are a vital part of the ambiance and ecosystem of our lawns. They are meant to survive under stress out in nature. However, many times the stresses they experience in the landscape can be more than they can handle making them more susceptible to insects and diseases.

Signs that your trees need TLC:

Look at the leaves – make sure they are the right color for the season you’re in. Unless the tree has naturally yellow leaves, be especially wary if the leaves turn yellow. They should not be stunted or irregularly shaped.

Wilting – When a tree is stressed, a common sign is wilting. The leaves and stems will lose their rigidness and begin to droop.

Dead or broken branches – Prune away dead and broken branches as soon as you see them. This can be an entry point for insects and diseases.

Check the trunk – Trees should not display large cracks, holes, or have fungi growing on the trunks. With the exception of certain trees, bark should not be loose or peeling off.

No sign of yearly growth – Trees should show signs of growth every year. You can tell by looking at the difference between this years buds and last years (evidenced by scars on the branch). The average growth varies among tree species, so check to see what you should expect.

How do you repair a tree or shrub that appears to have damage?

First, figure out what’s causing the problem. Are you over- or under-watering? Do you have an unruly insect infestation? Or has disease rooted itself in your tree? The scope of treatment depends on the variety of tree and the particular insect or disease that you have discovered.

A couple things you can do: 1-Insecticides. Spraying trees with a natural insecticide will help control insect populations. You can rent a large tree sprayer that will get the job done. But be sure to not spray too hard as to not damage leaves. 2-Fungicides. This can be sprayed on the tree, injected into the tree or put into the soil surrounding the roots.

Preventative maintenance is the foundation for healthy trees! Pure Green uses and advocates the use of Holganix natural products to protect trees and shrubs. The Holganix system helps to recreate the natural, forest soil environment by building up the microbiological life in and around your landscaping, which in turn helps promote root development and nutrient uptake.

If your trees need some TLC, call us today and we will come take a look! We can diagnose the problem and treat or give you a course of treatment to implement yourself.