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5 Benefits of a Professional Lawn Care Service

“Honey, I can treat my own lawn. Why do I need a service?”

How many have heard this from your well-meaning spouse? It’s true, you CAN treat your own grass. But consider the following questions:

  • Do you enjoy the process?
  • Do you have time?
  • Are you successful?

If you answered “yes” to all three questions, then perhaps it is best that you continue to treat your lawn. If you answered “no” to any one or all of them (like most home owners), there is opportunity to improve the process….and your sanity!

There are many steps involved in treating turf and most home owners simply don’t have the time or the expertise to do it effectively. It’s ok not to be an expert in lawn care. We all have areas of our lives where we excel. We know moms who can pack a lunch in two minutes flat with their eyes closed while sending out an urgent email for work. Dads, the outside upkeep generally falls on your hands. Do you really want to spend your weekends in the dirt? Sometimes, it’s best to let the professionals handle it.

5 benefits of hiring a professional lawn care service

1. We know Tennessee grass. Grass varieties differ from region to region along with climates, which means you treat grass in California completely different than grass in Tennessee. We know when to aerate and seed and how to treat insect and disease problems. We have developed our treatment plans specifically for the grass that grows here in Middle Tennessee.

2. We know trees and shrubs. Trees and shrubs can be deceiving. One day, they look healthy and the next, they look an inch from death. Whether the problem is insects or disease, a treatment program is an excellent way to prevent decay. Hiring a professional to monitor and treat your greenery will protect your landscape and your investment – your home!

3. We are consistent. With a professional, you can count on the treatments being done within a certain window of time, every time.

4. We care. Professionals care enough to listen to questions and give advice. After all, we rely on you to do the watering and mowing, which are very important to grass health! Only when there is a partnership, will the best results occur. We like empowering home owners with information!

5. We enjoy what we do! We like lawn care. Most professionals do. If you interview one that doesn’t seem to enjoy his job, run the other direction!

When you hire a professional, there are obvious benefits that you experience: You get to enjoy your weekends! If you want to enjoy even more of your weekend, hire a professional to mow your lawn, too. See a few of our trusted vendors.

You get to rest easy knowing that your lawn is getting the nutrients it needs while you enjoy great green grass! If you’re tired of treating your own lawn or you’re frankly not very good at it, give Pure Green a call!